Enjoy Freebies and Prizes on These Sites

Though I consider myself a technophobic, I can’t deny the fact that modern advancements opened doors of opportunities for me.  For one, I get to receive a decent paycheck by doing stuff for online marketing.  I believe that people who spend so many hours in front of the computer should realize that the World Wide Web and social media are gold mines. With the right knowledge and skills, one can earn money through it and gets freebies and prizes too.
I would like to share that I received freebies from these sites:

EverydayMe This site gives out samples of Procter and Gamble products such as Olay, Safeguard, Ariel, Downy, and many others. One needs to be vigilant though because the samples run out pretty fast.

Nestle Club I simply signed up to this and aside from the cooking recipes and home organizing tips on the site, I have received cool samples and freebies here. I am usually informed of the promos I can avail through the super cool e-newsletters they send.

A1 Online Surveys  For those with extra time and don’t mind answering surveys, this site is for you. Not everyone is eligible to answer a survey and points will not go up overnight so patience is a virtue. I have received a couple of Sodexo GC’s from doing this.

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