Is Going Green While Remodeling Worth It?

Remodeling is always a great thing for homeowners to do. However, there is even more benefit to remodeling when one of the purposes of remodeling is to make everything in your home greener. Tax credits are one incentive to go green, and there are many other good things that are an important part of green renovations.

Some Common Areas for Improvement

One of the primary things that many homeowners are concerned with is making sure that they correct existing problems that may affect their home's efficiency. Doors and windows, if not already energy-efficient, can make your home lose a lot of energy. If possible, install doors that don't feature windows in order to prevent extra air from escaping. All your doors and windows should have good weather stripping, and doors should feature adjustable sweeps.
Paint and Flooring Considerations
Many homeowners don't realize how many eco-friendly options are available for both paint and flooring. These products easily compare to traditional options in their versatility and convenience. You'll be surprised, in a good way, with the unique decorating options that are available for both types of products.

Paint and Wallcovering Options

Many of the options for decorating walls are very effective but largely unknown to non-environmentalists. Eco-friendly wall plaster is one option that many homeowners have started to rediscover. If you want a unique vintage look, consider using colorful ceramic or glass tile. Bamboo wall flats make a good alternative to wallpaper. When using paint, consider either low or VOC-free paint, as well as milk paint.

Several Exciting Flooring Options
Reclaimed or recycled hardwood provides the beautiful look of natural hardwood, without damage to environmentally-sensitive areas. Cork and bamboo are two types of sustainable wood that have a good track record for durability. You will also find that natural linoleum offers many of the advantages of its traditional counterpart, while also resisting germs and bacteria. carpeting constructed from recycled plastics is another great option that many enjoy using.

Do You Want to Take More Drastic Steps?

Remodeling is a good time to consider whether you want to take more drastic steps, such as installing solar panels or heaters powered using alternative energy. Cost will be a major factor in such decisions, although you will see decreased energy costs. However, options like solar panels are flexible and allow you to start off small. Every small step you can take will make a good impact on your home, so you will want to get quotes now.


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